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Injection moulding

Pre injection process

The design department in France Joint is putting together a machining programme for numerical control towers and machining centres,by integrating the performance of the research department with specific software for the secure transferral of data.This will enable customized tooling.


Mounted on the numerically controlled injection frame ,the tool undergoes an internal approval process permitting the production of prototypes and initial samples.



Injection process

Any dimensional variation that may occur is monitored closely by control cards, which record the time on each medium and large series injected.


The Stastictical Process Control (SPC) then confirms the capability of the process, reacting at any time on  potential discrepancies and implementing corrective and preventive actions, capable of improving this same process.



Post injection process

At this stage of the process, the parts, firstly mounted on special automated cutting machines, (some of which producing several different cutting actions), are then placed in an oven in order to optimize the physical mechanical properties of the material.
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