Cleanliness - Cleaning - Decontamination

Cleanliness - Cleaning - Decontamination

In some specialised industries (automotive, electronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical...), dirt particles on the seal surface can peel off and migrate to critical components, decreasing system efficiency.

Ensuring clean sealing solutions, free from all contaminating substances has become an important quality requirement for seals also.


France Joint is equipped with multiple technologies to guarantee cleaning, ranging from simple degreasing to in-depth parts decontamination (based on clean water and specific detergents):

  • Biological degreasing fountain
  • Specific ultrasonic cleaning equipment
  • Specific equipment for cleaning by hydrokinetic sprinkling in an ISO 7 clean room


Once the parts have been decontaminated, France Joint can do particulate analysis on parts.

  • Extraction of particulate contamination on its parts
  • Gravimetric measurement (mass of pollutant)
  • ​Quantitative and qualitative measurement of particles