Shock absorber seals

Shock absorber seals
Joints d'amortisseur - Shock absorber seals


The shock absorber seals play a leading role in the lifespan and reliability of shock absorber operations. France Joint offers custom-made designs that mainly reduce friction and prevent the entry of dirt into the system.



  • High-quality advanced materials to resist a wide range of temperatures (-40°C / +200°C) with an excellent chemical compatibility - NBR - HNBR - FKM
  • Thick metal cage supporting the different automatic assembly processes for heavy-duty applications
  • Primary sealing lip profile with integrated spring, designed for significant linear motion while limiting friction loads
  • Optional gas lip positioned on the end of the primary sealing lip or at the seal body and acting as a check valve
  • Additional anti-pollution sealing lip with or without an integrated spring to prevent external contamination
  • Rubber bead on the outside of the seal for optimal static sealing



  • Mono tube shock absorbers
  • Twin tube shock absorbers
  • Rail
  • Military
  • Motorcycles
  • Light and heavy-duty vehicles


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