Gas spring seals

Gas spring seals
Joint de vérin à gaz - Gas spring seal


The role of gas spring seals is critical. As well as limiting friction loads as much as possible, the seals must ensure optimal sealing and contribute to the correct operation of gas springs in the long term. The gas spring seals are vulcanised rubber lip seals on a metal insert. Depending on the its application, the gas spring seal can be made with or without the pre-stressed spring.



  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of temperatures, depending on requirements
  • Good static and dynamic sealing
  • Surface treatments can be carried out for a reduced dynamic friction
  • Very good chemical compatibility - NBR - FKM - HNBR
  • Optimised lips to support travel and stronger vibration frequencies
  • Custom-made profile which does not require a back-up ring



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