simulation numérique

Simulation numérique

In order to speed up and improve the development of new sealing designs, France Joint uses the method of numerical simulation by finite elements, mainly non-linear.

To make the simulation as accurate as possible, good material characterisation is essential.

Generally, metal parts have a linear relationship between stress and strain up to a certain value, which makes the analysis relatively simple. However, in the case of elastomers, there is stress/strain non linear relationship of the material, and the deformation of the material can very often exceed 100%.

Tensile and compression tests on specific specimens are therefore carried out in our in-house laboratory to determine the material's relationship between its elongation and its stress/strain, in order to determine hyperelastic models for elastomers (Mooney-Rivlin, Ogden, etc.).

Below is an example of a stress/pressure-elongation characteristic curve :

courbe allongement

France Joint simulates its designs using tools such as ABAQUS and SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION, some examples of which are given below:

Simulation - Joint Cassette - Cassette seal - 1 Simulation - Joint cassette - Cassette seal - 2 Simulation - Joint haute pression - High pressure seal
Cassette seal Zoom in on a cassette seal High pressure shaft seal
Simulation - Joint à lèvres - Lip seal Simulation - triple lèvre - lip Simulation - Joint PTFE - Seal
Lip seal - Hydraulic - Rod Triple lip shaft seal Shaft seal – PTFE lip