Protective bellows

Protective bellow
Soufflet de protection - Protective bellow - Boots


The moulded protective bellows can be cylindrical, conical, square, rectangular or can be made in other shapes. Among the protective bellows made, there are:

  • Rubber bellows - NBR - NR - EPDM - VMQ - PU
  • PVC bellows on a Kevlar frame with an excellent tensile strength
  • Silicone bellow on a Kevlar or Nomex frame that is very flexible and has an excellent resistance to temperatures (-55°C / +250°C) and the vast majority of fluids

There are several options for this type of bellow, for example:

  • A zipper, which facilitates fitting the bellow
  • A stiffener, which ensures better resistance to pressure or depression
  • Filters or breathing holes that ensure air circulation when the bellow is in motion



  • Robot arms
  • Cylinder rod
  • Axle and universal joint protection


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