The raw material is received in the form of jets or bars. Several grades of material are managed from stock: AEM - EPDM - FKM - HNBR - NBR - VMQ - AFLAS - HYTREL - TPUs - virgin, modified, filled PTFE, POM, PA, PEEK, UHMW, TPE, Phenolic resins, Polyester resins, etc… including many with multiple approvals.


During CNC turning, the raw material is in the form of a jet or bar and is attached to the spindle chuck, and it rotates as the shape of the product requested is produced by special cutting tools.

This production process is reserved mainly for prototype parts coming out of specific developments, small and medium series, but also for spare parts.




Réglage machine Réalisation ds pièces par tournage Réalisation ds pièces par découpe jet d'eau et numérique

Machine setting

Production of parts by turning

 Obtaining finished parts