Metal to rubber seals

Metal to rubber parts
Adhérisation métal caoutchouc - Metal to rubber part


Bonded rubber custom-made parts and seals on metal inserts (or metal to rubber parts) are generally made on hydraulic presses using compression moulding.


Examples of custom-made parts

  • Wiper seals
  • BS rings or Bonded seals
  • Shaft seals
  • Pin dust seals
  • Cover seals
  • Cassette seals
  • Combi seals
  • Shock absorber seals
  • Steering seals
  • Bonded piston seals
  • Valve stem seal
  • Bearing seal
  • Gas spring seal
  • Crankshaft seals
  • Silent blocks - Anti-vibration mountings
  • Elastic supports



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