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Aerospace seals

Joints aéronautiques - Aerospace seals - Aeronautic seals - 420 x 185

Aerospace seals


Our cutting edge sealing solutions are made using approved materials and meet the requirements of all types of applications in the aerospace and spacial environment. The aerospace seals mainly include filled PTFE-based composite seals, particularly for rod seals, piston seals, wiper seals and guiding components.

Rod seals
Joints de tige aéronautiques - Aeronautics Aerospace rod seals - 420 x 185
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Piston seals
Joints de piston aéronautiques - Aeronautics Aerospace piston seals - 420 x 185
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Wiper seals - Scraper seals
Joints racleurs aéronautiques - Aeronautics Aerospace wiper seals - 420 x 185
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Wear rings - Guide rings
Eléments de guidage - Guiding elements - 420 x 185
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