Steering seals

Steering seals
Joint de direction - Steering seal


The steering seals are used in the power-assisted steering hydraulic systems and play a major role in preventing loss of power. The steering seals retain the steering fluid in the system and reduce friction.

For hydraulic power-assisted steering in highly pressurised environments, we provide:

  • shaft input seals
  • pinion seals
  • rack shaft seals
  • steering pump seals

For electric power steering, we provide:

  • electric motor seals



  • High-quality advanced materials that resist a wide range of temperatures (-40°C / +150°C) and have an excellent chemical compatibility - NBR - HNBR - FKM
  • Unsplit integrated polymer support ring (or back-up ring) that resists high pressures and extrusion
  • Optimal sealing lip that reduces friction loads
  • Grooves that improve the static sealing on the outside diameter
  • Additional anti-pollution sealing lip that efficiently removes contaminants



  • Steering column
  • Steering rack
  • Steering pinion
  • Steering pump


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