Valve stem seals

Valve stem seals
Joint de queue de soupape - Valve stem seal


The valve stem seals are critical components that play a major role in how engines operate correctly.

Their specific design:

  • lets a small (but precise) amount of oil pass through the sealing lips
  • lubricates the interface between the valve stem and the valve guide of an engine

When too much oil passes through the seal lips, the emissions and coke accumulate on the valve, which can lead to a loss of power and even engine failure.

On the other hand, when too little oil passes through the seal lips, the valve is not sufficiently lubricated. Under such conditions, the valve becomes worn and seizes up.



  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures
  • Excellent chemical compatibility with NBR - ACM - FKM materials
  • Metal reinforcement to better stabilise the sealing lip
  • Flexible sealing lip that ensures rod movement
  • Pre-tightened spring that enables uniform stress on the sealing lip


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