In-house production & Best-Cost solutions

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In-house production

1 - Compression moulding  :

Our vertical presses with multiple cavity trays are fitted with vacuum technologies to ensure that air bubbles and other defects are completely removed.

Materials used
(ACM - AEM - CR - EPDM - FFKM - FKM - HNBR - NBR - NR - VMQ, etc.)

2 - Injection moulding :

We only use highly reliable ARBURG hydraulic injection moulding machines. Widely used to make thermoplastic components, France Joint continuously manufactures for small, medium and mass production.

Materials used
(Polyurethane (AU/AE), Polyoxymethylene (POM), Polyamide (PA), TPC (Hytrel), PE-UHMW, etc.)

3 - Machining finished parts  :

France Joint's machining centres can make technical components for small, medium or mass production.

Materials used
(Rubbers (EPDM, FKM, HNBR, NBR, VMQ), polyurethane, virgin and filled PTFE, PA, POM, other thermoplastics and high-performance materials, PEEK, PE-UHMW, phenolic resin, polyester, etc.)

4 - Tool machining :

France Joint manufactures its tools for compression moulding and injection moulding completely independently. Integrating this in-house expertise guarantees significant flexibility and reactivity, which includes the manufacture of precision technical parts.

5 - Water jet cutting :

Managed from an integrated control station, this abrasive waterjet machine is numerically controlled by a computer and contributes to the flawless running of our process. The high-pressure water jet (3000 bar) is ideal for cutting soft materials (rubber, plastic materials, etc.) and achieving sealing components with a perfect finish that carry the final product's geometric and dimensional characteristics.

Maerials used
(Rubbers, plastics, PTFE, tear-resistant paper, polyurethane, cardboard, etc.)


"Best-Cost" solutions

France Joint has enjoyed international cooperation agreements and close and long-lasting relationships with the same industrial partners for the last 30 years, mainly in Asia, who produce additional products in very large quantities.

Partner countries
(China, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, etc.)