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Precision seals

Joints sur-mesure - Precision seals - 420 x 185

Custom-made seals


The custom-made seals (or precision seals) include all types of seals or technical parts that are subject to a special design, with tight tolerances for more precise applications. France Joint is constantly developing innovative sealing solutions to meet your needs:

  • Custom-made rubber seals and parts
  • Metal to rubber seals
  • Custom-made advanced plastic seals and parts
Rubber precision seals
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Joint sur-mesure en élastomère - Precision rubber seal
Rubber precision seals
Metal to rubber seals
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Adhérisation métal caoutchouc - Metal to rubber part
Metal to rubber parts
Plastic precision parts
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Joint sur-mesure en plastique - Precision plastic seal
Plastic precision parts
Protective bellows
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Soufflet de protection - Protective bellow - Boots
Protective bellow