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Pneumatic seals

Joints pneumatiques - Pneumatic seals - 420 x 185

Pneumatic seals


The pneumatic seal is mainly used to contain fluids such as compressed air and gas. To make pneumatic seals, materials with advanced properties are used, which offer the best compromise between friction loads, the type of fluids and the effects of temperature and pressure.

France Joint has a complete range of pneumatic seals - rod seals, piston seals, wiper seals, wear rings - and makes all types of precision seals.

Rod seals
Joints pneumatiques de tige - Pneumatic rod seals - 420 x 185
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Piston seals
Joints de piston pneumatiques - Pneumatic piston seals - 420 x 185
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Wiper seals - Scraper seals
Joints racleurs pneumatiques - Pneumatic wiper seals - 420 x 185
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